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Since 2006, our sales training has helped over 26,000 sales professionals, across 62 industries, exceed their sales targets. According to our clients’ feedback, they love that all our training is 100% practical and real life.
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TMI Training Academy

How we help sales people

We conduct LIVE sales calls in training sessions and demonstrate exactly what we train. We make mystery calls to our clients’ companies, so we understand their biggest challenges before we deliver anything.

We also spend time out in the field with sales people, watching them work and providing detailed feedback on areas to develop.

We pride ourselves on our ability to give answers to your most difficult questions. We are sales people that train; as opposed to trainers that lecture.

Every trainer who works for TMI Training Academy lives and breathes sales; they are constantly developing themselves to ensure all training provided is fresh, innovative and up to date.

What is Tony's WHY?
Tony’s why is to empower, develop and inspire 1 million people around the World to be the best version of themselves in the world of sales.
What is Tony’s HOW?
By delivering his sales methodology: A.S.K Philosophy Principles: Attract, Solve, and keep clients, through a variety of platforms.
What is the A.S.K Philosophy Principles?
Since 2006, Tony has had the pleasure of working with over 29,000 salespeople. What the top performers do differently, it has enabled him to create his sales methodology. Below are all the areas he has delivered across 300 clients within 62 industries.

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We help sales teams understand how people buy differently and how to adapt to the different behaviours.

Live Calls

We conduct live sales calls in our training, to our clients prospects. We don’t just practice what we preach, we demonstrate what we teach.

Mystery Calls

We carry out mystery calls to your company before training commences; therefore we are dealing with real life enquiries, not theory


We teach your sales team to identify their prospects’ behaviour and learn how to adapt accordingly

Questioning Skills

Your sales teams will learn TMI’s ‘5 questioning methodology’ to have better conversations


Your sales teams will learn TMI’s ‘A & Q’ approach to all objections and never get blocked again

Call structure

Your sales teams will be given a structure for both inbound and outbound calls
TMI Training Academy

What we're about

We are a provider of results-driven sales training  across the UK and are recognised as being a market leader helping over 180 independent companies.

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We deliver training that will improve your sales success


Free on-going support via phone or email, after training is complete.


Flexible & bespoke sales training to accommodate the needs of you & your team.


Practical techniques you can easily implement for instant improvements.


A proven track record working with businesses of all types & sizes.

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