5 phone sales techniques that close deals

When you’ve nurtured a lead into that all-important closing call, the last thing any salesperson wants to do is make a mistake now. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of techniques to help you secure the deal over the phone.

Be direct

Be upfront about the nature of your call, otherwise it might come across like you’re wasting your customer’s time. It can feel scary being bold but just setting the aims for the call will be a big help. A phrase like: “So the reason for my call today is to get you started with…” and then the product or service you’re trying to close is one way to make the agenda clear.

Limit informal chats

Of course you want to establish a rapport with the person you are speaking to but remember that people are busy and too much time discussing what you did over the weekend limits your time to close the deal.

Assume the deal is closed

If you start the call in the mindset that you’ve already made the deal, you’ll instantly be more confident. Assuming the sale is already closed means your prospect will have to convince you otherwise, rather than you having to convince them.

Be prepared to deal with customer doubt

Closing calls are the time when most prospects start to reconsider your offer, and they might start questioning the cost or talk about competitor options. Anticipating these objections means you can be prepared to deal with them when they arise. Make sure you can answer their questions and have enough knowledge of your competitor advantage to defuse any last-minute doubts.

Establish a timeline

Once your customer is onboard and ready to go, it’s time to address the specifics of what happens next in how your product or service is delivered and managed so make sure you discuss a start date. You might also find it useful to do this with prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet so you know when it’s time to look at the deal again.

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