Are you scared of being pushy?

I was training a car leasing company last week and listening to a sales persons call he ended by saying ‘I’ll send you a quotation and if you’d like to go ahead please call or email me.’

I asked him ‘why didn’t you ask her for the business?’ And he said ‘I don’t want to appear like one of those pushy sales people.’

This amazed me; he genuinely felt by asking for the business, he appeared pushy. I explained I see it the exact opposite, as I’m looking from it through the buyers eyes. The buyer called YOU to get a leased car. She needed YOUR HELP. You are not selling to her, you are HELPING HER BUY. By not asking for the business gives her the impression that you’re not bothered either way if she becomes your customer or not.

Asking for the business is part of the process to help our customers; if you don’t do it you’re not completing the journey.

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