Benefits of Using Pros to Launch Your Business

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Benefits of Using Pros to Launch Your Business

Even though small business owners wear many hats and are responsible for their business’s success, sometimes it’s prudent to consult outside experts to help you grow your operations. This is especially critical in the areas of sales and marketing. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to have a full-time salesperson on staff, at least initially. You may find it’s more worthwhile to hire a high-performing sales whiz to get your business sales up and running.

Tony Morris International shares a quick how-to guide for budding entrepreneurs.

What Skill Sets Do You Need?

According to Growthink, part of developing your business plan includes pinpointing key functions in your business and identifying the people you’ll need to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you’re not well-versed in areas like sales, marketing, or accounting, these are activities you’ll want to hire out to professionals or utilize “off-the-shelf” products.

You might want to hire a freelancer who can develop and implement a detailed advertising strategy or invest in a software program that helps you with task tracking and bookkeeping like financial reporting software from QuickBooks. Such software allows you to access reports in real-time and remotely, which helps you plan to spend to reach your business goals. While it might be tempting to go it alone, having the right people and resources in place can make a big difference in how successful your start-up is.

Where to Find Pros

There are several ways to recruit experts in various fields. You can post job openings on online job boards or ask previous colleagues or employers for recommendations. Another way to take the legwork out of the picture and save yourself time is to utilize a freelance job portal that screens candidates for you and matches you with people with demonstrated skill sets you need. Here, you can find qualified professionals such as salespeople, web designers, accountants, web SEO experts, and blog writers. You’ll likely have the chance to read testimonials and even review past work products.

If you go this route, remember that freelancers are independent contractors and, as such, you won’t be responsible for paying their health or unemployment insurance, taxes, or social security, nor will you be expected to provide paid vacation or sick time.

Managing Remote Teams

In addition to hiring professional salespeople, freelancers and consultants, depending on the size of your operation, you may have on-site or remote work teams. Managing remote employees can require a bit more time investment, but you’ll save significantly in terms of providing workspace and other overhead expenses associated with on-site staff.

Set clear expectations for remote employees, provide project management and task-tracking software, and clear written guidelines for production and deadlines. You’ll also want to schedule regular 1:1 phone calls or Zoom sessions as check-ins, as well as establish team leaders for managing various tasks and projects. All-hands virtual meetings can also keep employees connected and in sync.

Starting and running a business as an entrepreneur requires tremendous effort and can be stressful, especially in the early stages. Hiring experts to help you in key areas can help ensure your operation gets off on the right foot and flourishes moving forward. Consider the expenditure and investment in your business’s future.

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