Can’t Take On Anymore Business

My team and I are very good at closing business but we keep getting stuck on the same objection. “I can’t advertise now because I’m working at full capacity and I can’t take on anymore business” – I normally use the tactic of explaining that they can use our magazine to push a different product or the most profitable services they do, enabling them to cherry pick the work their taking on. Unfortunately that rarely works; any advice?

This could be viewed as a condition, as opposed to an objection. This means if it’s genuine and the company have no intention of growing or taking on additional resource to support their growth, then there really is nothing you can do. I would accept this is a company you cannot work with for the next few months and keep in touch to see what changes.

However, before giving up, there are some key questions I’d ask to see if they are using this objection as a way of getting rid of you or they are telling the truth. My questioning would be as follows:


1a. As you are at full capacity at present, what is your appetite for growing your business to the next level?

1b. If they wish to grow, I’d ask what plans have you got in place to generate new business?

2. If they are happy at working at full capacity, I’d ask approx. how many clients make up all your current business?

3. Out of all those clients, how many contribute to the larger percentage of your revenue?

4. What would you do if you lost those major clients?

5. What is your contingency plan if those major clients decided to leave you and work with your competition?


By asking these questions, it should help you gain more information to confirm their real situation and depending on their responses, you will create an opportunity.

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