Estate Agent Workshops

Do you want to hold your fees?
Do you want more instructions?
Do you want to ensure you are the agent of choice for prospective buyers and tenants?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you should attend our one day workshops.

Qualify Like A Professional

  • Learn how to have a conversation, not an interrogation
  • Learn how to get an FS appointment when the buyer says ‘I have a broker’
  • Learn how to get private landlords details every time the applicant is renting in your area
  • Learn the ‘10 killer questions’ to qualify effectively and book viewings for multiple properties

The Perfect Lister

  • Learn 7 techniques to handle ‘your fees are too expensive’ and not have to move on your fees
  • Learn the ‘5 magic ingredients’ that the top listers send to the vendor before the market appraisal
  • Learn how to win the instruction whether you are first or last in
  • Learn how to differentiate your agency and be memorable

Win More Instructions

  • Learn the ‘5 killer questions’ that will persuade a vendor to take their property off with your competition and on with you
  • Learn how to wow a vendor the first time you canvass their property
  • Learn the techniques to turn a ‘Just curious’ vendor enquiry into a hot market appraisal
  • Learn the most effective technique that will gain referrals from every happy vendor

*You will be required to bring with approx. 20 Leads of lost MA’s, properties on the market with your competition, old buyers. The trainer will make LIVE calls to YOUR database and demonstrate all the techniques that are delivered in the workshop

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