Field Sales Training

Our Field Sales Training course will teach you the ‘psychology of selling’, we uncover the importance of understanding personalities and how to communicate at all levels, and how you can adapt your behaviour to build a relationship, as well as trust.

We will explain the process of planning your sales appointment, creating suitable objectives and how best to achieve them during meetings and most importantly relaying feedback to necessary persons.

The course is designed to develop the skills and abilities required to achieve sales targets consistently.

What's covered

  • Generating appointments
  • Getting help from the gatekeeper
  • Listening skills
  • Objection handling
  • Asking for the business
  • Planning and preparing to succeed
  • Questioning and qualifying techniques
  • 6 components of success
  • FAB Selling (features/ advantages/ benefits)
  • Understanding your pipeline (long tail/ short tail)
  • Negotiation skills
  • Consolidating the sale

What you will gain

  • Techniques to create an amazing first impression that will enable you to build instant rapport with every contact
  • The skills to be able to present, influence and inspire your audience
  • The benefits of understanding TMI Training Academy’s innovate ‘tag on questioning’ technique which will result in far more qualified conversations
  • The ability to learn how to recommend and not pitch
  • Dynamic methods to manage your ‘traffic light’ pipeline which will reduce the size of your maybe column forever
  • The ability to turn an objection into an opportunity for business

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