Presentation Skills Training

Our presentation skills course will teach you how to deliver powerful presentations with impact, whether you are presenting to clients, to the board or to your team. We will give you the skills to effectively persuade, influence, explain, inform and connect with your audience.

The key to influence is to form strong relationships that are built on trust. We will show you how to establish trust, credibility and gravitas from the moment you step in front of an audience. Whether you want to deliver stronger sales presentations or to gain a buy-in from your team before implementing a substantial change in your organisation, it’s how you communicate that will make the difference.

This course will give you the confidence and the skills to prepare and deliver bespoke presentations to suit your audience. Not only will you become a much more effective speaker, you will enjoy the experience.

What do we get from powerful communication?

Anyone can benefit from greater communication skills. People with the confidence and training to share ideas in a powerful way can expect a richer social life with more fulfilling relationships.

Communication is also the key to outstanding interview technique, stronger sales presentations and more engaged networking—everything you need to significantly improve your career prospects. Perhaps you have set your sights on becoming a successful professional speaker!

In the corporate world, communication underpins success in many ways. People who can communicate well gain much more from business networking events, are stronger negotiators and more persuasive. Being able to speak well empowers people whether they are in sales, customer services or management.

What's covered?

  • Overcome your fear of speaking in public 
  • Look the part without saying a word
  • Grab attention right from the start
  • Own the stage
  • Control leaky, non-verbal cues
  • Use language techniques that make you stand out
  • Vary your voice to connect with your audience
  • Silence cynics… constructively
  • Involve your audience in ways you’ve never considered
  • Speak from the heart and be authentic on stage
  • Unlock your personal stories and enhance your core message
  • Win the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Master your timing
  • Make best use of eye contact
  • Use slides to add value

What you'll gain

  • A 360-degree perspective on making great presentations
  • A solid understanding of how to deliver content that informs, influences and persuades
  • The skills and training to deliver presentations like a true professional
  • A firm grasp of body language and stage presence
  • All the confidence you need to speak in front of an audience of any size
  • Techniques and tools for interacting with your audience to strengthen the connection
  • Learn how to use slide decks to work for you rather than distract from your presentation
  • You will learn how to use storytelling skills to deliver a strong business message
  • Learn how to match your content to the message you want to deliver

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