Telesales Training

Our Telesales Training gives you an educational and interactive course which explains and shows with how a positive mind-set is the key to generate, qualify and maximise sales opportunities on the telephone.

We provide a practical and hands on session that proves that cold calls can still work, when done correctly.

We will show you the importance of lead generation and demonstrate how to make a professional introduction and build rapport with a prospective client.

Through a live call we will reveal the most effective questions to uncover the needs of your clients, and how to achieve objectives.

By the end of this training course, your will discover the impact a positive attitude will have on your live prospecting objectives.

What's covered

  • Planning and preparation
  • Telephone manner
  • Getting help from the gatekeeper
  • Lead generation
  • Listening skills
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Building rapport
  • Creating a powerful opening statement
  • 6 components of success
  • Questioning techniques
  • FAB Selling (features/ advantages/ benefits)
  • Objection handling

What you'll gain

  • Practical techniques that you can implement immediately to make more appointments, sales and increase your conversion rates
  • Innovative ideas to help you monitor your performance, resulting in continuous improvement
  • A new and exciting perspective of handling gatekeepers which guarantees a 50% uplift in your contact rate
  • The secrets of how to use the ‘truth key’ to understand the real objection and handle it
  • The benefits of understanding our innovate ‘tag on questioning’ technique which will result in far more qualified conversations
  • The ability to close more business and appointments without resorting to old fashioned ‘closing’ techniques

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