Discounting is NOT negotiating

I was with an estate agent last week who met with a seller and at the end of his presentation said “our fees are 1.5%” and then he zipped up. The seller replied “that’s a fortune and other agents are 1%”. After some debate they shook hands at 1.2% and he won the deal.

When we got outside he said to me “I’m a good negotiator aren’t I?”

I replied “you’re horrendous; you didn’t negotiate, you dropped your fees!”

He didn’t have a clue what I was saying and he truly felt he had negotiated.

I explained he should have traded. He should have said “my fees are 1.5%; I’m keen to work with you as I know I’ll find you the right buyer, in the right time and the right price.” Once I demonstrate that, there’s 3 things I’ll ask in return:

  • A video testimonial from you sharing your experience.
  • You mentioned you are a member of the local golf club. I’d like to come down one morning and meet your Network and introduce my agency
  • You spoke earlier about your friends are thinking of selling. I’d like to be introduced to them once I show you how good we are.

If you’re happy with that, then I’m comfortable in moving forward at 1.3%.

My question to you is, what can you trade?

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