Experience is irrelevant

At the end of a recent meeting, I attempted to close and said “when would you like to do something?” I was really taken aback when he said “I really do like you Tony and love what you offer, however I’m going to go with LDL.”

LDL are a competitor of mine and have been trading a lot longer than TMI Training Academy.

Confused, I said “I appreciate your honesty, however I must say I’m shocked and disappointed. So I can learn from this, may I ask why do you wish to move forward with them over me?” He said “I met with one of their trainers Peter Hill last week and he’s been with LDL around 18 years and it’s just because he has more experience than you Tony; that’s the only reason.

I said “John, Imagine you were in a boy band.” He looked at me like I’d lost my marbles. I said “who would you rather be, Duncan from Blue or Harry Styles from One Direction?” He laughed and said “obviously Harry from 1D”.

I said “who has more experience?” It’s certainly not Harry. I explained experience is irrelevant; you could have been doing something for 40 years terribly. I said “it’s all about SUCCESS not EXPERIENCE!”

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