How does tone of voice affect sales communications?

Whether your business deals in telesales or face to face communication, how you present yourself through your voice is a key factor when it comes to sales success. With telesales and telemarketing in particular, your voice and the language you use is the only sales tool you have as you can’t rely on visual clues and body language to help you out over the telephone.


Speaking too quietly can make it difficult to hear what you’re saying but being too loud can be just as off-putting for the customer


Experienced telemarketers might be able to reel off a sales pitch in their sleep but it’s important to take a step back from the script you’re delivering. While rehearsal is key to nailing your speech, don’t rush through it as this can make it harder to follow and can make it sound like you’re not interested in what you’re saying.


Sometimes our voices can sound different on the phone than they do in person but it’s important to get this right for the communication channel you work in. Training your natural voice to convey the right message is essential to all spoken communication so don’t be scared of using voice recorders to be more aware of how you sound.


Sounding unsure of the product you’re selling is not going to impress customers who rely on you to be knowledgeable enough to make the sale. Make sure you fill any gaps in your knowledge before conducting telemarketing and don’t be afraid to check with someone else if you’re unsure of anything.

Bad habits

If you’ve never heard yourself speak before, a recording exercise might help you to pick up on those words you keep repeating or the filler ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ that slip in.

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