How to motivate your sales team

However experienced your sales team is, staying motivated after a hard day of rejections can be challenging. Even if your company already has an established system for recognising staff achievements, there are a number of ways you can further motivate your sales team.

Find out how they like to be managed

A one size fits all approach is not going to work when it comes to a motivating a sales team as everyone is different and responds to different things. To keep your team motivated, you first need to know how each person likes to be managed as an individual and how they prefer to receive praise and feedback. Some people will prefer a private conversation or an email, whereas others are more open to public praise.

Set clear targets

Most employees perform best when they are given clear goals and know what is expected of them. This is especially true in sales where challenging targets are what motivates a team and allows them to track their own progress.

Pick good rewards

If you’re offering an incentive for your sales team to meet goals, make sure the reward is something they actually want. Often little things like buying them lunch or giving them the afternoon off are rewarding enough to keep your team motivated without the need to buy extravagant gifts.

Team building

Just as learning how each individual member of your team works best is essential for motivating, so is team bonding. Organising a day for team building activities will help them recognise and develop their individual skills as well as wider team success.

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