Ignoring my Calls

How do I deal with the customer who is ignoring my calls?

Although it’s hard to hear, it sounds like your customer doesn’t wish to speak to you if you’re being ignored. There are special circumstances where your client is off work due to personal reasons and therefore your call is just not being returned. You need to ask his/ her colleagues if this is perhaps the case.

If you ascertain there are no special circumstances and you are being ignored, the next step is to find out why. My advice is to send an email that has the heading: Have I offended you? The email would look something like this:

Dear John,

I hope you are well. I am concerned I have done something that has offended or upset you. The last time I spoke to you was on the 15th July where we both discussed……………  Since then I have left numerous messages and sent many emails and have not heard back from you.

I know you are a busy guy, however after working together successfully for nearly 2 years I was hoping for some response and as I said am just concerned I have done something that’s bothered you.

Please come back to me to let me know and I hope to hear from you soon.

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