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Dear Tony, I sell conservatories and although my conversation rate is higher than most my team, about 30% of all my meetings turn into sales, I still am always open to ideas to improve this. My biggest challenge is getting the customers over the line to commit and convincing them to spend their money. Are there any techniques you can suggest for this?

Many customers love the idea of having something like a conservatory and when they find out the actual cost or put them off and they find it hard to convince themselves.

One technique I would suggest is called ‘just pretend’. To take away all the pressure you say to the customer “let’s pretend you have gone ahead with the order, how would you design the layout of your new conservatory?”

Let the customer get really enthusiastic about the idea of having bought it and allow them to start visualising it and designing their perfect conservatory. So when it comes to talking about the finance for it, they have already sold it to themselves and find it a lot harder to say no due to the sheer disappointment.

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