Killer tips for telesales success

Despite the increasing use of digital technology and the internet for purchases, telesales is still one of the best ways to generate sales. To convert calls in action though it is important that any telesales campaign is both well thought out as well as executed to perfection. Here are some of our top tips for telesales success:

Be prepared

Make sure any employees who will be calling customers are fully prepared. This means ensuring they are familiar with the product or service and able to explain its features and benefits as well as answer questions about it. Providing a natural sounding script for callers to work from can be helpful, as well as role plays and other training to allow them to deliver the pitch in a confident, natural sounding way.

Stay positive

Ensure that your telesales staff stay positive on their calls. This will make potential customers much more receptive to what is being offered. Their tone should be pleasant and warm and part of the call should focus on the advantages of the product and how it will have a positive impact on the buyer in some way.

Monitor calls to see what has worked well

Recording calls and learning from them is a great way to generate further sales. From these calls you will be able to identify what worked well or conversely what did not. This can be used to refine scripts in the future as well as in training sessions with staff to help them improve their performances.

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