Knowledge Bible

Do you have a knowledge bible in your business?

I was training an estate agency today called Beercocks for the 2nd time and I was talking about the need for a knowledge bible in each branch (they’ve got 9 branches).

This is a word document that sits on your server that everyone contributes too. Then every Friday the branch manager does a Knowledge quiz asking the team 5 questions from the bible.  For example:

  • What are the nearest schools in the area?
  • What’s the walking distance to the station?
  • Where’s the nearest golf range?

One of the team said they didn’t think it was necessary.

The Director then shared a story about how  she is staying at a hotel tonight alone and asked the gentleman how far is their hotel from the airport and he didn’t know and didn’t find out for her. She called a 2nd hotel who did know and said they can arrange a taxi for her and she booked a room.

That lack of knowledge cost the hotel a booking. That same lady is looking for a hotel for their Xmas lunch with the teams; I know which hotel she WON’T be booking

Knowledge does matter. Start building your knowledge bible today

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