New Business and I’m Not a Salesman

“I’ve started my own business with a great product but now I need to get it out to suppliers. The trouble is, I’m not a salesperson and I don’t have the budget to hire one. What are the basics I need to know in order to sell successfully?”

One of the wonderful things about sales is, you can be taught and there is a science to it. Some people are born with a natural ability which makes it easier for them to become a great sales person, however there are systems and procedures required to be a great sales person and they can definitely be trained.

The first thing you need to identify is who is your target market? You need to invest time collating the data on your market and get the decision makers name and number and import that data into excel or a CRM (Customer relationship management) system. This will enable you to be organised and keep notes on each lead that you speak with.

The second thing is you need to have worked out your pricing structure and margins and be crystal clear on what price point you need to be at, to break even and then make profit. You may have different packages and this needs to be planned and structured accordingly.

The third thing you need to do is understand the benefits of your product to the suppliers you will be contacting. I call this the ‘WIIFME’ statement – What’s In It For Me? In order to be able to engage them on the phone and create a need and desire for your product, you have to quickly highlight the reasons they would want to become a supplier of your product. Only then, can you prepare a call structure and be truly ready to pick up the phone and start calling people.

The fourth thing is to plan some questions to ask the supplier when you engage them on the phone. You need to write down a list of information you want to obtain and then create the questions to help you uncover the information.

The fifth thing is keeping a record of all the objections that will inevitably arise when making calls. Write them down word for word and then you can go away and get the right answers for them. Create a LinkedIn profile for your new business and join ‘Sales Doctor Q & A group’ which is free and post every objection and challenge you face and we will endeavour to answer them within 12 hours. This is a free resource and will be invaluable to you; especially as sales is new to you. You will tend to hear the same objections reappear and will build up the knowledge of how to handle them.

Once you start selling your product over the phone or face to face, if you decide you need to make appointments first, then you will start generating funds that can be invested in marketing. You will need to target effectively to ensure you get the best possible ROI (return on investment).

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