Tony talks with Chris Hatfield

Chris Hatfield Confessions of a serial seller podcast Tony Morris

Chris Hatfield is a Sales & Mindfulness Coach & Consultant.

Chris has built his experience from 13+ years in sales & business. He’s worked with the likes of Google, Virgin Media Business, Paymentsense, Asics, MVF Global and Veeam.

Chris Hatfield is the founder and host of Not Another Sales Podcast.  Not Another Sales Podcast focuses on more than just the skills required to be successful in the world of sales, building a business or everyday life. It looks at all the pillars, which include your behaviours, attitude and habits that form the foundation for success.

Chris states that ‘his super power is helping business owners, coaches and sales people elevate their potential; helping them become more mindful of how they can control their own success and enabling them to shape their own natural selling style.’

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