Tony talks with Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini on Confessions of a Serial Seller

Dr. John Demartini is a world-renowned specialist in human behavior, a researcher, author, and global educator. He has developed a series of solutions applicable across all markets, sectors, and age groups.

His education curriculum ranges from corporate empowerment programs, financial empowerment strategies, self-development programs, relationship solutions, and social transformation programs. His teachings start at the core of the issue, addressing the human factor and range out to a multitude of powerful tools that have proven the test of time.

Some of his areas of specialty include Keynote Presentations on Success, Leadership, Wealth Mastery, Business Mastery, Self Empowerment, Entrepreneurial Success, Mind-Body Wellness, Stress Management; Seminar Presentations on Personal Development, Business Development such as Team building, Corporate Growth, Goal Setting, Communication; Professional Coaching dealing with Leadership Development, Crisis Resolution, Management Skills, Executive Coaching, Vision and Goal Achievement; Personal Coaching dealing with issues such as Money Mastery and Financial Empowerment, Relationship Coaching, Grief and Loss Coaching, Addiction Resolution, Career and Purpose Clarification… and so much more.

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