Tony talks with Ian Mills

Ian Mills

Ian Mills on Confessions of a Serial Seller

Ian Mills is the CEO and Founding Director of Transform Performance International. They are a global advisory firm, offering solutions to their client’s business performance challenges. This means helping them achieve more, more quickly, and with more certainty. Clients have included world-renowned brands such as Virgin Media, HP and American Express.

Ian Mills has also co-authored 3 books. ‘100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed’ is designed to prompt readers to consider what to say, how to act and challenge what you believe. ‘The Salesperson’s Secret Code’ has analysed over 1,000 of the world’s top performing salespeople to identify five core components that combine to form a belief system that distinguishes winners in sales, and business. The most recent book is ‘The Leader’s Secret Code’ – based on global research the findings share the belief systems that set top performing leaders apart.

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