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Nicky Pattinson on Confessions of a Serial Seller

Nicky Pattinson is a legendary sales and motivational speaker who is known for her indisputable and unmatched results with companies in the U.K. Everything she talks about comes from personal experience… there’s nothing theoretical about it. She didn’t take to the conventional way of learning, leaving school at 16 to follow her own destiny, encountering adventure and adversity, treasure and tragedy along the way. Her first job was selling shoes in a shoe shop in the small town of Huddersfield,, Yorkshire.

At 16, she sold more shoes in her first day than most did in a week. Years later, she had a market stall with her now ex-husband, which they took from £1000 a week to an annual turnover of nearly £2,000,000. She attributes the success to simply understanding her audience. Today, it’s about expression—telling the world who YOU ARE in a way that makes people understand, relate, and respond. Nicky Pattinson takes her experience of what worked on the markets and modifies it, reapplying it to any kind of business, relationship, or personal interaction.

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