$ales Coaching

What is a sales coach?

Coach is a really funny word. Essentially it’s a huge vehicle that transports people from A-B and in the sales world hiring a sales coach does exactly that.

Why do I need a sales coach?

The thing I’ve always found working in sales is that you can ALWAYS improve and you can ALWAYS do better. In a vastly evolving world there are always new techniques to pick up and new something to something.
Premiership football clubs employ coaches because they want their team to improve, these professionals are at the top of their game but they want them to be better. It’s exactly the same in sales.

You employ a sales coach to increase profitability, motivate your team and boost team morale

Why should I choose TMI sales coaching?

Every sales coaching programme is tailored to your business, no programme is the same, which means your team are getting what’s required either individually or in small groups.

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