Tony’s Tuesday Tale

Last Saturday I went to a clothes shop in my local village to buy a shirt and ended up spending £200 on 6 items; how did that happen?

Excellent salesmanship is how…..

He asked me was the shirt for a specific purpose? I explained I had a works do and he asked “do you have smart chinos to match?” I had chinos but it made me question myself that they weren’t ‘smart’ enough.

He complimented the shirt on its fit and showed me the 3 other colours it came in, to go with my new ‘smart’ chinos.

After trying on a few items he said “let me take to all to the till so you can decide which you want”. I was very aware he used the right language – he didn’t say which ‘you don’t want’.

Then came the genius…..

As I was deciding which items to go with he cleverly suggested “let me put them all through the till and then you’ll know the total price and then you can decide.”  I only chose 1 item to not buy as I justified to myself I wouldn’t wear it.

Are sales people that easy to sell too or was that good salesmanship?


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