Top Telesales Tips

Telesales used to be about making cold calls, reading a script and trying to set up a meeting. However, those days are gone. People shut off straight away when they know it is a sales call, so now you need to do something different.

Below are some of the top tips in the industry which can help you the next time you make your call.

Be confident

When making a cold call, be confident. The worst this will do is leave a good impression. The best it will do is open up opportunities and break down lots of barriers.

Be Personal

Don’t just read from a script, rather listen to what the prospect is saying. Understand what they are saying and tailor your responses to each and every one. This will help you break down barriers and allow the prospect to open up so you have more opportunity to sell.


Make sure you practice. Even the best sales person in the world won’t make a sale each time, so learn from what might have gone wrong and then work on this next time. By making small improvements, you will develop and work on a style that works for you, and that is most natural. This will help you be confident and more personable.

Learn to get past the gatekeeper

It doesn’t matter how good you are at selling if you cannot speak to the right people. Make sure you do your research and get past the gatekeeper.

Open Impressively

In telesales, you don’t have the luxury of time. A less than fantastic opening could see your chances evaporate instantly. Learn how to captivate prospects from the off, and make sure you are quick to establish your credibility.

Take Objections in Your Stride

Undoubtedly, prospects will raise doubts about whatever solution you propose, and it’s essential you are prepared to deal with these objections. Try to understand the situation from your prospect’s perspective, and learn to anticipate potential areas of concern. You will get better at this over time.

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