What do you get from a workshop?

At TMI Training Academy we run a wide range of courses, all designed to help sales professionals increase their sales from the moment they finish the training workshops. As well as being able to organise bespoke training packages for individuals, we also provide focused workshops which concentrate on a specific industry. In the sessions we share sector specific techniques which will help you increase sales in the workplace and provide examples of how to implement these in practice.

We recently held a series of workshops for sales and letting negotiators to give them the tools needed to improve performance. Our Qualify Like a Professional one day course allowed attendees to:
• Learn how to get an FS appointment when the buyer says ‘I have a broker’
• Learn how to get private landlords details every time the applicant is renting in your area
• Learn the ‘10 killer questions’ to qualify effectively and book viewings for multiple properties

Similarly, our Perfect Lister workshop covered other important areas, allowing attendees to:
• Learn 7 techniques to handle ‘your fees are too expensive’ and not have to move on your fees
• Learn the ‘5 magic ingredients’ that the top listers send to the vendor before the market appraisal
• Learn how to win the instruction whether you are first or last in
• Learn how to differentiate your agency and be memorable

Feedback from these workshops was overwhelmingly positive with attendees telling us how useful it has been to approach the sales process from a different angle than the one they were using before. Others have said how pleased they have been to be able to complement their current sales strategies with other tactics introduced during the training course.

TMI Training Academy help sales professionals improve their performances through flexible and bespoke training programmes. We provide practical techniques which are easy to implement in the workplace to generate more sales. For more information about any of the services we provide please contact us today.

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